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Life-Changing Creativity

Life-Changing Creativity

I had the honour of attending and speaking at Lions Health 2015 in Cannes (19 – 20 June). It was my first time at the festival and I was privileged to spend time with some of the smartest, most creative people on the planet.

Lions Health is dedicated to ‘Life-Changing Creativity’. This is a big statement but the work on display lived up to this aspiration. Often when we talk about creativity in healthcare, the industry focuses on words and pictures. Lions Health illustrated beautifully that creativity is about ideas that can make people think about something in a new way, and even to do something differently. This might be a film or a traditional campaign -it is just as likely now to be a piece of technology or even product development. What’s true is that the big idea is king and it can not only change lives but sometimes even save them.

It was also clear at Lions Health that the injection of creativity into PR and medical education campaigns can truly bring them to life. The boundaries between the disciplines have disappeared and the best programmes elegantly integrate these skill sets together.

There are also some incredible individuals who are innovators in this field. I spoke about the future of healthcare and shared a stage with two truly outstanding people: Nina Tandon and Ron Gutman. Nina is CEO of EpiBone, a revolutionary bone reconstruction company that allows patients to ‘grow their own bone’. Ron is founder and CEO of HealthTap and literally has the future of healthcare in his hands; with HealthTap patients are able to ‘get help from a real doctor now’ via their devices. He is embracing the concept of ‘self-care’ and has developed technology that makes healthcare accessible 24/7. His solution has the potential to revolutionise the delivery of healthcare and save lives as his business vision unfolds.

Lions Health has reminded me of why we do what we do. In the words of Jose Miguel, “we are in one of the most powerful industries in the world”. Innovation and fresh thinking can be the driving force for good and can change lives for the better.

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